Monster Hunters: Jackalope

I don't like spiders and snakes

The adventure begins with a call from a client, the Sky Harbor Airport. Their security is calling with a situation that appears to be weird enough to fall under MHI’s contract with them.

Team Jackalope heads to the Blackhawk helicopter to fly into downtown Phoenix. When the team lands at the light rail exchange terminal, they find people running for their lives from a few wights, and a giant albino scorpion. The team engaged the wights and the scorpion, and watched in horror, as people killed by scorpion’s sting, soon arose as wights. Things get worse as mid battle, a train arrives from the airport and tired travelers step out onto the platform.

After the battle is completed, the team tracks the scorpion’s trail along a near by cannal, past a few quad ATV’s, and to a near by Hohokam archaeological dig site. The trail ends in a recently uncovered structure with hieroglyphics of native American origin cover the inside of the room, an alter stands at the far side of the room. The alter has a small bowl like spot that from the lack of dust, appears to have held a bowl until recently. A glyph visible to only those with Arcane background can see is marked on the outside of the door.


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